Walker Bay Genesis 270 FTL


Listed Under: Inflatable Boats, Store Products, Walker Bay

The Genesis is built using larger diameter 17”-18” tubes to provide more capacity for carrying people and gear. Tubes are offered in a choice of PVC or Hypalon fabric tube construction and a..read more

Overall Length (cm-ft): 270/8’10″
Beam (cm-ft): 162/64″
Inside Beam (cm-ft): 76/30″
Tube Diameter (cm-ft): 43/17″

Passengers: 3
Max Payload (kg-lbs): 520/1144
Total Weight (kg-lbs)*: 50/110
Airtight Compartments: 3
*PVC weight – does not include seats or oars

Outboard Data
Short Shaft: YES
Min. Recommended hp: 8
Max. Recommended hp: 10
Max speed (Knots): 19

Storage Dimensions
Length (cm-ft): 200/6’6″
Width (cm-ft): 100/3’3″
Height (cm-ft): 35/1’1″

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