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Tides Marine Series One Seal 3/4″ shaft


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Fits 3/4″ shaft

Please see Image 2 and supply us with the measurements A, B and C on the payment method screen in the comments box to ensure correct seal kit supplied

The seriesOne shaft seal was designed for smaller single-engine vessels with stainless steel propeller shafts. This shaft seals fits shaft diameters from 7/8 through 1 1/4 in 1/8 increments. It can also be used on metric stainless shafting from 25mm through 30mm.

The seriesOne shaft seal is covered by a one year warranty.

Tides Marine suggests that all twin-engine applications use the Tides SureSeal.

  • Housing?- The seriesOne housing is produced in the same manner as the SureSeal shaft seals. However, in order to produce a shaft seal for our more cost-conscious customers, the front cap design of the seriesOne has been modified.?As a result, the lip seal in the seriesOne is NOT replaceable. When the lip seal in the seriesOne is worn to the point of leaking, the entire shaft seal must be replaced.
  • Bearing ?- The seriesOne bearing is machined from PTFE to precise tolerances.
  • Hose?- The seriesOne shaft seal is available with two hose options. For vessels like ski boats with shorter shafts (approximately 3ï in length), higher operating RPMs (3500 RPM+) and more rigid engine mounts, a single-convolution articulating hose is recommended. ? For vessels powered by smaller diesel engines (1-3 cylinders) using softer engine mounts, the multi-convolution articulating hose is recommended. This extra flexibility compensates for increased lateral engine movement during operation.
  • Hose Clamps – Four 316 Stainless Steel clamps are provided with each seriesOne shaft seal.



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